DOT S10 640×480 5.5-44x100mm

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The Senopex S10 thermal imager has a 640×480px resolution core with < 25mk sensitivity and a 1024×768px OLED display, a high quality 100mm lens. These parameters ensure a clear image in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, forest cover, etc. All of this supports your perfect target acquisition when hunting or protecting your property. Algorithm for target enhancement: The algorithm enhances the highlighting of the target in the field of view. Ideal for quick detection of animals without the influence of other objects. Different modes for all weather conditions: - The"Detail" mode is designed to enhance the overall image quality and take the image detail to the next level of clarity. - "White" mode "Detail" mode - "Assassin" mode is designed to improve the brightness and clarity of the target while eliminating the influence of irrelevant background factors. Ideal for quickly detecting and locating your target in seconds. - "White" mode "Assassin" mode - "Equator" mode is designed to identify hot targets against a background of hot surfaces. Ideal for detecting multiple high temperature objects in hot weather. "Equator" mode is extremely useful when the ground temperature is higher than the temperature of the targets you are observing. - "White" mode "Equator" mode - "Edge" mode is designed to protect your vision in total darkness. "Edge" mode displays only a fraction of the light of a warm object, which is displayed in white to reduce night blindness from the screen. "Edge" mode allows users to stay on target longer with less eye fatigue and a visible profile. The ballistic style"Customizable Cross" is present on both the main display screen and in PIP mode. "PIP (Picture in Picture)" allows you to see your target at the top of the screen, so you can see what you are aiming at with digital magnification as well. Specifications: - Detector resolution 640*480, 12um - Spectral range 8-14um - NETD < 25mk (at 25°C, F# = 1.0) - Frequency 50Hz - Lens 100mm + manual focus - Optical magnification 5.5x - Digital magnification 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x - Field of view 4,4 ° × 3,5 ° - Vehicle detection* ----m - Human detection* 5280m - Display OLED, 1024 × 768 - Pallets White/Detail/Assassin/Equator/Black/Edge/Red/Iron - Output eyelet diameter 45 mm - Number of cross types 7 (= up to 7 guns) - Video recording capability YES - Possibility of taking photos YES - Contrast adjustment YES - Brightness adjustment YES - Storage Built-in Micro SD memory module (Max 32 GB) - Power supply Two 18650 batteries - Battery operating time ≥14h - Ports 7-pin connector --> USB-A
– Operating temperature -40°C-55°C (<22F-131°F) - protection degree IP67 - Dimensions (L x W x H) 310 x 108 x 110 mm - Weight < 1.5 kg - Warranty 2 years Package contents: - Senopex S10 thermal imaging sight - Warranty Card - 2x 18650 batteries - Charger - Weaver mount - 7-pin cable - Cleaning cloth - Stylish USB shaped sight - Carrying case